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There are over 80 years of documented evidence that show how humble vitamins can prevent, and even cure, disease. Think major diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. That Vitamin Movie is a new documentary which records a journey that crisscrossed the globe looking for the truth. Over 20 of the world’s top experts explain why big Pharma don’t want you to believe the reality of what vitamins can do for you.


The makers of That Vitamin Movie have managed to bring together FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME many of the world’s leading experts on vitamins and supplements. Some have not agreed to be interviewed on camera for years.  It’s a beautifully shot documentary with life changing information and will only be good until the 18th of January.

It’s absolutely free to view at this link.

Remember, you need to watch it before January 18th, at which time, it will be taken down.

Enjoy the film, and please GET THE WORD OUT and share it with everyone you think needs to see it!
Make sure to see it before January 18th.



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