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Add these 35 autoimmune expert talks to your medicine cabinet

The Autoimmune Revolution


Hi guys,

I have another free event for you – The Autoimmune Revolution. We have a wonderful lineup of health practitioners that will be talking about different issues for your better health. This event is going to run from Jan. 30 – Feb. 6, 2017.

And the Autoimmune Revolution just started today with Dr. Peter Osborne. We have 35 amazing experts who will help you prevent and reverse autoimmune pain. Now is the time to achieve greater health and happiness so you can break the cycle of pain and start living again!

During The Autoimmune Revolution, you’ll learn about:

  • Conquering chronic pain and autoimmune conditions
  • The connection between autoimmune diseases, diet and lifestyle choices
  • 6 diet and behavior changes you need to make to radically improve health
  • Breaking the cycle of medications and dependency on allopathic treatments

1. Register immediately to make sure you’ll see the free talks:

2. Purchase all of the expert talks as a wonderful addition to your library.


Once you own the expert talks, you can listen to the audios on your computer or mobile device, read the complete transcripts and share this important information with family and friends.

If you learn even one fact from one expert that changes your life, it will be worth it!

Owning the talks also gives you access to eCourses, guides, eBooks and other advice from the expert speakers, at no additional charge!

Click here to learn more about owning this expert advice:

See you at the summit!


All the best,


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