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Why 28% Of Women Shouldn’t Eat Eggs


Did you know that there is a disease that affects almost 1 in 3 Americans (28% to be exact)…and most of those people have NO IDEA that they are sick?

And did you know that this terrible disease affects mostly women?

It’s true.

They may not know they have this disease…but the symptoms are definitely obvious. You might even be experiencing some of them yourself.

Here are just a few symptoms:

  • Weight gain: your weight keeps creeping up and up, even though you are working out and eating better. It seems like you have the dreaded “slow metabolism” that comes with aging…but what it if is really something else?
  • Exhaustion: you wake up tired, and it never feels like you get enough sleep, even if you sleep in or get a full 8 hours of sleep sometimes. You are just ALWAYS tired, and you feel like you will never get your energy back.
  • Weird Skin Stuff: Your skin is acting crazy…you are finding weird rashes, itchy and dry spots, even acne–and you are way past your teenage years.
  • Hair Loss: Your once thick hair is thin and brittle, and it is thinning and falling out in some spots. You are spending more and more time trying to hide it, but it is falling out in clumps in your brush and in the shower.
  • Brain Fog: you are forgetting little things you used to remember all of the time…like where you put your keys, wallet or phone. You forget the names of people you have known for years, and you feel like you are losing your mind.


These 5 symptoms are just a few of the symptoms of Thyroid Disease. If you have one or more of these symptoms, especially if you are a woman, you should do some investigating and find out if you have Thyroid Disease.

It is possible that you may have it.

Luckily, there are ways that you can feel better.

Simple little things, that will still let you enjoy life without feeling restricted.

For example…many, many people with Thyroid Disease struggle with chicken eggs. They cause an inflammatory response in the body for people with thyroid disease.

BUT–did you know that instead of eating chicken eggs, you can eat duck eggs instead?

It’s true!

Swapping out duck eggs for chicken eggs is the simple switch that will help Thyroid sufferers feel a lot better, while still being able to eat eggs and get the protein they need.

This is definitely the type of information you probably won’t hear from your doctor, your personal trainer, or nutritionist.

This information is just, is too cutting edge…and just too new to the general public.

But Thyroid Disease is a HUGE problem, and if you are feeling icky and you don’t have a reason for why you feel that way, it could be Thyroid Disease.

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