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Hi guys,

Here I am once again promoting a project that I’m currently supporting – The Thyroid Secret. I am so passionate about this because I am hypothyroid myself and I know the frustration of going from one doctor to another with so little help from my physicians. I’ve been suffering from this condition for 20 years now and since I got no relief from the medical community, I did some of my own research and I’m glad I met Dr. Izabella Wentz. She is a pharmacist who went out of her way to learn about this misunderstood condition and interviewed a lot of doctors who are no longer practicing the conventional way but have leaned more towards natural ways of treating this condition.

I know that a lot of you also suffer some form of this condition which you might or might not know it yet and this series could help you out in a lot of ways. Even if you don’t, your family of friends might benefit from this. On my next post, I will be sharing a quiz to find out if you have a thyroid condition or not. Keep watch for this in a few days from now.


Now let me introduce The Thyroid Secret which is a 9-part documentary series created by my dear friend Dr. Izabella Wentz. She is a pharmacist who was frustrated with the current medical system after her own thyroid diagnosis left her with debilitating symptom and a hopeless prognosis of even more symptoms as the condition continued to progress.

Out of necessity, Dr. Wentz became a thyroid expert/human guinea pig and was able to recover her own health! Since that time she has become an ardent thyroid champion and advocate and has gone on to help thousands of patients recover their health.

She created The Thyroid Secret because she wants to change the way that thyroid disorders are treated, and she has created an army of amazing people who are dedicated to spreading this mission in a big way!

  • 100+ experts who share their top secrets to reversing thyroid disease
  • 50+ patients who share their thyroid journeys from diagnosis to recovery
  • Professional video crew and storytelling experts
  • An amazing launch team including professional copywriters, killer operations and customer service teams as well as dedicated affiliate managers (led by Amber Spears)


It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Amber Spears, the lead affiliate manager with The Thyroid Secret.

The Thyroid Secret produces free, informative 9-days of video docuseries that are jam packed with incredibly valuable, high quality content focused on thyroid disease.

Not many people know this…but thyroid disease affects 1 out of 3 Americans.

Out of those millions affected, 60% of them do not know they have thyroid disease, even while they struggle with the crippling symptoms every single day.

These video docuseries also convert incredibly well—all while saving thousands of lives.

The docuseries model was proven with The Truth About Cancer (Amber was part of the leadership team that did this last launch) and The Thyroid Secret will be another home run.

The best part of promoting a docuseries like this is that you never have to send a sales email. This offer is purely content based, so no list burn out.  The only things you will ever send are: interactive quizzes, powerful video trailers, and high quality content in the form of articles and blog posts.

I will be promoting this powerful series myself, and I strongly encourage you to join me. The information contained in this series has the potential to change millions of lives, and your tribe will really benefit from watching the docuseries.

I can give you Amber Spears’ contact information so you can connect with her and she can follow up with you to answer your questions and get you signed up. You can also sign up by clicking this link here if you are interested.


Happy Connecting,

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