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Are You Too Tired To Move?


Hey guys,

Here’s the quiz I promised you last time. Read through the post and see if you identify with some of these symptoms.

You go to bed every night hoping for a good night’s sleep. Even though you lay there and sleep, somehow the next morning you’re even more tired and fatigued.

You can barely get out of bed and start your day.

You check the scale and see more pounds.

You clean out the drain in the shower because it’s full of hair again… yours.

You can’t remember your car keys or which kid goes where…

If a single one of these things sounds familiar to you, then I want you to take 30 seconds and do something about it.

My good friend Dr. Izabella Wentz has created a very short but very accurate thyroid risk assessment quiz and I think you should take it.

If a single symptom I just mentioned is controlling your day, you could have a serious condition.

And don’t think it can’t happen… approximately 20 million Americans are walking around with a serious thyroid condition… and almost 60% of them don’t even know it!

Dr. Wentz was one of them for 8 LONG years and FINALLY figured out what to do to heal her own body and her life.

Don’t suffer in silence if you don’t have to.

Take the short 30-second quiz now and see what your risk really is.


To your health,

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