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Doctors speak out


Hi guys,

First off, I want to apologize for getting this post out a little bit late. Many things and circumstances got in the way. I’m really very sorry. Whew! Now that I got that out of the way, I want to inform you that there is another summit – That Vitamin Summit 2 where you will get tons of information about vitamins and how it could be life-changing for you.

One of the pioneers of  “natural health” websites, Andrew Saul, is currently presenting a free online summit based around vitamins and supplements. Many people are totally confused by the whole vitamin question. Saul has gathered together 21 leading authorities on all things vitamin and they are being interviewed about their specialist subjects. Nothing is being held back. And some of these experts haven’t agreed to interviews in a long time.

The good part is that it is TOTALLY free of charge, but just for 7 days. Each interview is live for just 24 hours, but if you join now you’ll still be in time for the encore weekend where you can see every interview repeated.

So don’t miss this great chance to see 21 world renowned experts spill their knowledge.

Just go HERE to view. I promise you it’s a great investment of your time.

Speak soon,

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